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Who doesn’t love kitties? And when it comes to kitties, two are always better than one. So you get two adorable kitties, mirror images. They 3d print just purrfectly, hollow without any support, in about 90 minutes each. 

These model prints so nice can’t even tell they are 3D printed. Paint to match your favorite pet. Also prints beautifully in cork screw mode using a single perimeter. Great for translucent or clear glass filament, yielding a delicate and beautiful piece of artwork. Print at 100% scale for small figurine or at 200% scale for a classic knick-knack. Prints without support. Here are 4 different print settings that work well with different results: 5 perimeters – 0% infill: comes out totally hollow with a nice solid shell. Feels hollow. 4 perimeters – 5% infill; has a heavier feeling to it. 5 perimeters – 35% infill; has a solid feeling, yet prints in reasonable time without wasting material. 1 perimeter, corkscrew vase mode – great for clear and translucent materials, or when you are in a real hurry. Please note, flat regions like at the top of the head and back, will not be 100% solid.

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