Easter Egg Maker 2015

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Easter will be here in no time and we need lots of decorated Easter Eggs - it's a tradition. The new tradition is to 3D print them. Here is a tool that let's you emboss images on to your 3D printed Easter Eggs. Use your own images or find them on the web. It includes ImageToData.exe (for PC) a tool to convert images into a format that can then be used by the enclosed OpenSCAD script to emboss the eggs. You can also emboss spheroids and blimps by adjusting the parameters, or use the code for your own designs. NOTE: There are a lot of sample image maps in the .zip file. QUESTION: How hard is this to use? ANSWER: It is not hard.. You have to edit settings inside of a text file inside of the OpenSCAD envirioment. You don't need to know OpenSCAD programming! You need to know how to use an image editor and to edit text files on a computer: just basic skills really, for any modern computer user. You also need to know how to install a program (OpenSCAD) 2015. http://www.openscad.org/downloads.html QUESTION: Why no Customizer? ANSWER: It is now available here, with a few limitations: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:715467

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