GoPro Camera 3 point suction cup mount. Hood mount

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I want to be able to put my GoPro Hero on the hood of my car so I can video without seeing my dash, dirty windshield & hood. I just bought my $300 camera and just don't trust their $30 suction mount for this. So I bought 3 RAM suction cups (super strong and reliable) and created a triangle plate to mount them as one. This way, up to 2 can fail and I won't lose my camera. I would feel safe with this rig driving cross country at freeway speeds. On my first version I made the mount in the center and low. Turns out it was impossible to attach the knob and the mount was always visible in the lens. I did use a few extensions to make it work but I knew I could do better. So my second version (this one) addresses this by raising the mount up off the triangle and placing it at the edge. It works great.

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