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I put this as a derivative even though I made it from scratch, I made it because I liked the Ultimaker idea but I needed for much wider labels (some of my labels are up to 80mm wide) and I felt it did not need to be as deep and such as theirs, I also added a ledge on the back for clamping it to the table with a spring clamp, you could also drill a few holes and bolt it down. I use a Primera LX400 label printer and make several sizes of product labels on a regular basis. This unit will work with up to 88mm wide labels. I kept printing in mind and it will print without support. My printer did it with near zero cleanup, only a 2 tiny strings from the bridge that were easily removed. P.S. this thing shows errors that Netfabb won't fix but Slic3r had no problem slicing it so any slicer should be OK 2/9/2015 Added 12cm wide version by request.

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