Lasko mini heater hanger

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So I have a cover for my printer that I made to keep the heat in (to prevent cracking on taller prints). But it turns out that even with the heated bed and print head it was not hot enough. So I got one of these little Lasko electric heaters from Walmart (online not in store). It was cheap (like $15) and it has a fan and no tilt switch (safety for turning over). This is made to fit on a desk at work. So my cover is made of plane old schedule 40 PVC pipe. I tried the heater by clamping the cord to the top and pointing it down towards the build platform and it works great. It gets plenty hot inside now but not so hot as to be dangerous. So I made this hanger so I could quickly attach it and even point it. Print solid (or close, I used 80% infill) and then drill and bolt to the back corner of the Lasko. The holes in the mount match up perfectly with the space between the fins.

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