Scissor Snake Family

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Please note: updated version with more options here: Scissor Snake Easy Grip Custom

The Scissor Snake Family

WINNER Second Runner-Up Support-free Product Design Christmas 2014

The "Scissor Snake" is a fun 3D printed toy. It is easy to print without support; the "Scissor Snake" comes off the build plate assembled and ready to use. Its motion is incredibly smooth, resulting in a very precise, fast, durable and fun remote grabber.

This design uses an exclusive, support-less crossover bearing, engineered for the project. The cross-over bearing interlocks with the frame when fully extended under load, causing the frame to become rigid, thereby reducing stress on the bearing pivots. This results in a strong and durable toy cable of lifting many times its own weight. Kid tested. Guaranteed to provide many hours of fun for kids of all ages.

Buy a 3D printed Scissor Snake here.

Other members of the Scissor Snake Family

(The annoying fused sections in Super, Magnum and Curvy are now FIXED in RevA and CurvyRevB.... many thanks to TLC510 for letting me know about the problem. Please accept my apology for the error.)

Mini - Use as a test print to calibrate your crossover bearing for no fusing and tight motion

Scissor - The Classic scissor snake, easy to print and a good size for kids

Super - Once you have it dialed in, this one can be a lot of fun; it little more challenging to print

Magnum a.k.a. the Trouser Snake - The longest scissor snake in the family

Curvy (Experimental, needs tweaking) - Forms an "S" curve when extended

Corner (Experimental, needs tweaking) - Forms a curve when extended, to snake around a corner


Print at 100% scale, using 30% to 50% infill, no support, at 0.2mm layer height. The "Scissor Snake" is designed to print at 100% scale on wide range of 3D printers. However, if the print comes out looser than you'd like, you can reduce the scale by 5 to 10%; this will produce tighter joints. If the print come out too tight, increase the scale by 5 to 10%; this will produce looser joints. Normally this is not necessary. Otherwise, for best results, don't change the scale of the model.

Volume: 51.5 cm^3

Print Time: 3:35

1.75 mm Filament Required: 15210 mm

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