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Another model for COVID-19 - now on Pinshape, too!

Mask clips have taken off as a way to relieve pressure from the ears, but, for some reason, existing models didn't seem to fit me well. I've tried creating an improved mask clip that's smaller, slimmer, more comfortable, and better for bulk printing. This is a work in progress, so expect updates (and please let me know for improvements, more sizes, etc.!).



1) You can skip the ear entirely and clip the mask around your neck (see picture). This takes the pressure off of your ears and instead applies more even pressure to the top/nose portion of the mask. You may or may not find this more comfortable, depending on your preferences and face, but I've found it to be much more forgiving for long wears. It also makes for a fairly secure seal.*

2) I've found these to be less finicky than other designs, especially those that have multiple points to attach the mask. It doesn't get caught as easily when you're clipping/removing, especially considering that each person will probably only ever use one of those attachment points. 

3) The design is slimmer, smaller, and less obtrusive than some others. 

4) The thin clip design means that it will conform to (and keep) the shape of your neck/head without needing a curve in the actual print. 

5) These print FAST. Minimal size and minimal footprint mean that each one is very quick and cheap to print, and you can cram a lot of them onto a single print bed. It makes bulk printing spectacularly efficient. 



"Short" means that the mask straps get pulled farther back, making the mask fit tighter. "Long" pulls the mask straps less, making the mask fit more loosely/less securely (but also more comfortable). If you are interested in more sizes, let me know!



Make sure that the hooks are facing outwards, away from your neck (see picture). Having the hooks facing inwards (on your neck) may be uncomfortable. 



I am not a medical professional, and I do not have any professional expertise regarding the proper methods of wearing a mask. I've found this clip to create a tighter seal, but I do not know if wearing it around your neck will impair protection. This clip is meant purely for comfort, and please use it with your best judgment. 

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