Contemporary 3D Printing Sign


A stylish, contemporary sign embossed with the words "3D Printing" for all your self-admiration needs. Or maybe an anniversary gift for your beloved printer.  

The body itself is a minimalist, sharp-looking low-poly figure, and the text is embedded into the top surface. The letter "D" has been revolved up and sliced to make it pop out: absolutely 3D.

There have been two files uploaded: a single-shell version and a multiple-shell version. Personally, I prefer the multi-shell because it looks sharper and is simple enough for most slicers to interpret. The single-shell version has a jagged edge from the mesh repairs, even with the highest resolution settings. If you are worried about your slicer and don't mind the edge, go ahead and print the single-shell. Just as a note: Cura interpreted the multiple shells without breaking a sweat. 

Design Files

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