Bust - The Huntress v1.2

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it's a simpler bust version of another 'full size' figurine that i made that you can print 'out of the box'. I added a special ' for Resin(SLA) printer' Model ( hollow with 2mm thickness, with 2 holes to prevent the specific problem of the suction effect of the resin )

original scale size (mm):

it is 110mm tall , 104mm diameter base.

model print tested with this parameters (for FDM version):

0.4mm nozzle, ABS 1.75mm 0.18mm layer (0.15mm will be even better), 2 perimeters, 10% infill, infill where needed.

The sla model was not tested (i didn't have a SLA printer) but i didn't think there is a problems with it. If any, tell me and i will do the changes if needed.

WARNING : use the proper STL for your printer (the one with SLA in the name is for SLA printer, the other is for FDM printer)

special note: truly Optimized for FDM printers - No support Needed.

All my models are given for free to the community (fully open source for private or commercial usage, don't forget the credit), but If you like my work, please award it with a small donation (click here for a paypal donation ). I'll be very grateful to help me to buy all the coffee that i drink for the long periods that I pass in front of my screen to create these models.

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bust_huntress_v1_2_for SLA.stl
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bust_huntress_v1_2_for FDM.stl
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