The Mandalorian; Razor Crest Arsenal Blaster 01

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Accurate replica of one of the Blasters from The Mandalorian Razor Crest's Arsenal.

Total Length 332.60 mm (13.09 inches), 22 files

Hello, this is one of the Blasters seen in the Razor Crest arsenal of The Mandalorian Show, it also may be seen used by Bounty Hunters in the Ep III from the show.

Modeled by me using photos and videos as a reference, it's an almost exact replica of the Blaster.

This was modeled using Tinkercad, Fusion 360, 123D Design, and Inkscape.

These files are to print and build an static prop with no moving parts

You can use optional screws for the scope

Cramshaft, Carburetor and Distributor cap pieces were modeled upon this free model:

This is a graphic representation of one of the Blasters in The Mandalorian's Razor Crest Arsenal, it is solely my interpretation and so much is considered "Fan Art" it does not attempt to break any legal right of possession of the original concept.

These files are for personal use only, you CANNOT give them, publish it or retransmit them by any electronic, digital or physical means, they cannot be modified or resold.

You can sell physical products made from these files, as long as the source of them is cited, including a link to this page.

Any questions with the files or the assembly I will gladly resolve.

Enjoy your print! Regards, Straeker.

Design Files

File Size

CB-01 Barrel greeblie.stl
215 KB
CB-01 Barrel.stl
195 KB
CB-01 Body back greeblies.stl
160 KB
CB-01 Body cramshaft.stl
236 KB
CB-01 Body front greeblies.stl
33.7 KB
CB-01 Body lower.stl
61.8 KB
CB-01 Body upper back cap.stl
24.9 KB
CB-01 Body upper.stl
20.2 KB
CB-01 Carburetor left.stl
82.9 KB
CB-01 Scope distributor cap.stl
213 KB
CB-01 Scope knobs.stl
563 KB
CB-01 Scope mount.stl
759 KB
CB-01 Scope screws optional.stl
1.31 MB
CB-01 Scope tube.stl
68.8 KB
CB-01 Trigger.stl
563 KB
CB-01 Carburetor right.stl
90.3 KB
CB-01 Grip left.stl
299 KB
CB-01 Grip right.stl
299 KB
CB-01 Handle.stl
10.7 KB
CB-01 Muzzle.stl
169 KB
CB-01 Picatiny.stl
11.8 KB
CB-01 Rear sight.stl
200 KB


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