Aimpoint Electronic G2 Scope (Burg's Blaster)

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Hello Guys,

Now I bring you the Aimpoint Electronic G2 Scope, another real life item used on Star Wars Props, this scope was used on the Blaster used by Burg the Devaronian, on The Mandalorian show.

As always enjoy your print!

Regards, Straeker.

Design Files

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G2 Clamps.stl
30.2 KB
G2 front polarizing filter.stl
296 KB
G2 Light adjustment knob.stl
449 KB
G2 Locking nuts.stl
1.39 MB
G2 Mounting bar top.stl
83.8 KB
G2 Battery lid.stl
357 KB
G2 Mounting bar.stl
138 KB
G2 Optic.stl
207 KB
G2 Tube.stl
135 KB


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