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Test your 3D printer's abilities! Each of these eight chips by 3DKitbash.com prints support-free in about thirty minutes. They're designed to help you test how your printer will handle various characteristics before getting into a larger print job, saving you time and filament. These are great for educators, hobbyists, and people who need to demonstrate what their 3D printer can do. It's also useful for test new materials before getting into a larger job.

The 3D Printer Test Kit comes with a 3D-printable base for displaying the entire collection.

3D Printer Test Kits are part of 3DK's QuickPrints line, with models designed to print in a short amount of time. Each of the chips in the 3D Printer Test Kit takes approximately thirty minutes to print. Print times vary. By downloading 3DKitbash models, you agree to the terms of use found on our website, 3DKitbash.com. Click HERE for our license agreement. Thanks for checking them out! If you like these, check out our other models by 3DKitbash.com!

Design Files

File Size

3DPTK_6_Undercuts 3DKitbash.stl
6 MB
3DPTK_7_Extension 3DKitbash.stl
6 MB
3DPTK_9_Display 3DKitbash.stl
12 MB
3DPTK_1_Voids 3DKitbash.stl
6 MB
3DPTK_2_Spikes 3DKitbash.stl
6 MB
3DPTK_3_Flex 3DKitbash.stl
6 MB
3DPTK_4_Edge 3DKitbash.stl
6 MB
3DPTK_5_Text 3DKitbash.stl
6 MB
3DPTK_8_TortureTest 3DKitbash.stl
6 MB


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