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This is an organizer for a 2019 Gen 8 Camry LE Hybrid - It may fit others, but I have not tried it. It does not go top to bottom. It is meant to contain smaller objects and papers & gum boxes along the sides. Larger objects can just be laid on top. The holes are to conserve plastic and also allow finger access to slide things out of the side areas.

I tried to print this as one object, but there wasn't enough area to hold it to the bed so I broke it up with tabs and slots to glue it together. A little super glue on each side of the tabs holds it very well. It also prints a lot faster with horizontal holes then vertical holes. It was printed with a 0.4mm nozzle, LH = 0.2mm, first layer = 0.35mm, and 60mm/sec.

The tabs/slots have 0.2mm clearance all around, which seems to work pretty well. The tab is 7.00mm x 2.00mm. The slot is 7.40mm x 2.40mm They may be a little tight and require some post op cleanup depending on your printer. Mine are tighter on one side, so the two smallest pieces might fit better with the bed side of the print facing the joining tabs. The bigger cross piece is a toss up.

Print one of each A thru F and 2x of G. The divider.stl file is for assembly reference.

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