STEMFIE rubber-band-driven car


This toy car is easy to 3D-print and quick to build. It is the first project demonstrating the new and fully 3D-printable educational construction set toy; you can download from

This project exhibits the retention and controlled release of energy to achieve motion. The inspiration for this design is borrowed from science classes in schools, using the mousetrap challenge.

Stay tuned at for future releases of new projects and construction set parts.

Design Files

File Size

SPS-000001 - Rubber-band-driven car - Instruction URL (
202 KB
SPS-000001 - Rubber band-driven car - Wheels (
15.8 MB
SPS-000001 - Rubber band-driven car - Beams Braces (
3.05 MB
SPS-000001 - Rubber band-driven car - Screws Pins (
2.14 MB
SPS-000001 - Rubber band-driven car - Sign Nuts Washers Pulley (
6.39 MB


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