Low Leverage DW611 Spindle mount for Shapeoko 2

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Designed to bring the CG of the spindle/carriage tighter to the X Axis by moving the DW611 as close as possible to the carriage without worry of collision. This will decrease the amount of leverage that movement in the Y direction transmits to the X axis rails, minimizing deflection of the cutter. It is compatible with both the belt driven Nema23 Acme Z upgrade as well as the stock Z axis configuration. For those looking for a complete spindle mount and dust collection solution, my bolt on DW611 Dust collector plate is also compatible with both Z axis configurations when used with this spindle mount. Requires: 4 - M5x15mm Cap head bolts,3 - M5x35mm Cap head bolts, 6 - M5 washers, 3 - M5 Nuts, 1 - Universal Spindle mount kit

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