Dust Collection Vortex Generator

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This is a vortex generator for a DIY Dust Collection system.  It is designed to work with standard 1.25" Shop Vac hoses and mounts to the lid of any bucket with a lid.  


  • Print top and bottom pieces
  • Trace hole at bottom of vortex generator onto bucket lid and cut out the hole making sure no edges protrude to the inside
  • Mark the bolt holes onto the lid by tracing the mount holes in the mounting flange of the bottom piece and drill out slightly larger than 5mm
  • lay a bead of silicone adhesive on the up facing surface of the bottom piece and then join the top and bottom and squeeze together
  • lay a bead of silicone adhesive on the bottom of the flange and bolt to the bucket lid using M5 bolts with washers. (it may be wise to build a backing plate to go inside the lid as some lids are very thin)
  • allow to dry 24hrs
  • put lid on bucket
  • insert vacuum side hose into top hole
  • press another hose onto the horizontal inlet
  • Turn on vacuum and check for any leaks at mounting point and top/bottom joint
  • hook up to tool and turn on vacuum for improved filter life and reduced maintenance!

Design Files

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Cyclone Bottom 158mm tall.stl
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Cyclone Top Section.stl
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