nut/screw-cover for M5

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Can be used to cover your M5 Nut+screw. Creates a much cleaner look on the inner side of door or drawers.

The cover should sit tight on your nut. If for some reason it fit to tight or is to loose, you might need to scale it for your needs.


Height: 11mm

Outer Diameter: 15mm

Inner Polygon for the Nut between two flat sides: 7,9mm



Printing Parameters


Support                                             Yes

Print Speed                                     50mm/s

Infill                                                     20%

Travel-Speed                                 100 mm/s

Nozzle-Temp                                 210 °C

Build plate Temp.                       60°C

Layer Resolution                       0,1 mm

Nozzle Diameter                       0,4 mm

Print Time                                     15 min

Filament                                         PLA Orange

Amount of Filament                1,2g

Used Printer                               Anycubic i3 Mega

Design Files

File Size

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