painters pyramide - stackable



This paitners Pyramide helps you to lift your work piece, so you can paint it direcly from both sides. The pointy top ensures minimal surface contact. The pyramides are stackable, so they don't require much space, when being stored. Each pyramide has a ground plate of 60mm x60mm and a height of 45mm.


Printing Parameters

Support                No supports required 

Print Speed            50mm/s 

Infill                             20% 

Travel-Speed          100 mm/s  

Nozzle-Temp           210 °C 

Build plate Temp.   60°C 

Layer Resolution    0,15 mm 

Nozzle Diameter     0,4 mm 

Print Time                   53 min 

Filament                       PLA Orange 

Amount of Filament     7 g 

Used Printer                Anycubic i3 Mega

Design Files

File Size

Painters Pyramide.stl
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