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Summary I've researched many existing approaches to drill bit sharpening but did not find one that I like. I like simple and utilitarian designs. This is one of those: a one-piece guide for sharpening drill bits on a Dremel or similar rotary tool. There are 3 guides included: 90, 118 and 135 degrees. The majority of people will need the 118* and for that the adapter comes in two sizes such that it can easily fit both small and large diameter drills, as well as different diameters in cutting/grinding disks. The adapter prints in one piece without support and is threaded to screw right onto the Dremel (I've tested it on Dremel 285, 8000 and generic Alltrade tool). It's also designed to accommodate mandrel upgrades. Feel free to tweak but note the non-commercial use, please contact me for a separate license if you are interested. https://youtu.be/Z6N5WAULoEM Instructions I printed mine out of PLA, 0.2 layer, 33% infill. If you are worried PLA melting, then you're overheating your drill bit anyway (iow remember to quench the bits in water if they get too hot at the tip)

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