The Escape - thru the mirror

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A long time ago, she was kidnapped by a dark Wizard named Tikonius. He used her blood to seal a contract with a creature from the demonic dimension. The portal to the demon dimension is this large mirror which hangs on a wall in the Wizard’s mansion. She took advantage of a moment when she was alone, to try to escape by crossing the mirror portal back to the mansion once again. She was near success when the demon saw her and opened his enormous hand to catch her again. Her scream of fright can be heard in all the corridors of the mansion.



this model is in 3 parts (see picture). All pieces will be printed flat.

The 'Wall' will be glued to the 'floor' then the 'mirror' to the 'Wall'.

the assembled model can be used as a book stand.

You can print the mirror alone and stick it to any surface.

Size for the 3 parts (all in mm):

mirror : X - 122.64 Y - 91.31 Z - 108.99

Wall : X - 132.27 Y - 96.31 Z - 5.78

Floor : X - 88.54 Y - 96 Z - 4.84

truly Optimized for FDM printers - No support Needed

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