Falcon s 3d Printable Plane


This is an easy to build , easy to fly plane . I tried my best to make the design as simple and effective as possible. Its printed with a 0.3mm nozzle and a 0.2 mm layer height .I used esun PLA printed at 220 degrees with no part cooling fan for optimal layer adhesion. I used used Idea Maker to slice the files [pics of settings included] and I'm not sure if it will work on other slicer software or not. Remember to rotate all wings 45 degrees on the bed so that the leading edge is facing one of the corners of the print bed. this eliminates the salmon skin effect and makes for an over all better print. my instagram is ruan.debeer.908 if there are any other questions. 

Design Files

File Size

H P1 hatch.stl
739 KB
E P2R Elevator.stl
1.04 MB
E P1L Elevatorr.stl
925 KB
A P2L Aleron.stl
230 KB
A P1R Aleron.stl
190 KB
L RIGHT landing gear arm.stl
2.03 MB
L Tire.stl
5.62 MB
P prop cone.stl
859 KB
prop adapter.stl
36.3 KB
R P1 Rudder.stl
846 KB
R P2 Rudder.stl
295 KB
R P3 Rudder.stl
650 KB
W P1L wing.stl
2.07 MB
W P1R wing.stl
2.06 MB
W P2L wing.stl
1.36 MB
W P2R wing.stl
1.36 MB
W P3L wing.stl
864 KB
W P3R wing.stl
857 KB
A P1L Aleron.stl
190 KB
A P2R Aleron.stl
230 KB
B P1 Nose with motor mount.stl
4.5 MB
B P2 body.stl
15.8 MB
B P3 body.stl
7.31 MB
B P4 body.stl
2.32 MB
B P5 body.stl
2.92 MB
battery mount.stl
2.07 MB
C P1 connopy.stl
1.79 MB
C P2 connopy.stl
410 KB
E P1R Elevator.stl
925 KB
E P2L Elevator.stl
1.04 MB
E P3L Elevator.stl
258 KB
E P3R Elevator.stl
257 KB
H P2 hatch.stl
1.34 MB


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