G305 Ultralight Recharge


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Ebay link to the USB rechargable AAA battery

1) Disassemble your G305 like shown here: Youtube video

2) Connect your rechargeable battery with the stock battery cable using insulation tape.

3) Fasten the battery using two zip ties.



  • 60g total weight
  • one charge lasts ~2 weeks
  • Flat G100s-like sides

Other versions

Button cell (55g)    AAA (73g)


  • 15.7.19: added fused v15, LMB v11, RMB v10
  • 24.7.'19: LMB v13, RMB v12
  • 26.7.'19: LMB v14, RMB v13
  • 27.7.'19: LMB v15, RMB v14

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