G305 ultralight (Button cell version)

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AAA version            Rechargeable version


  • flatter sides & back
  • 57g weight running with a button cell each lasting ~1 month


This whole project is based on 3D scans made by /u/forty_0ne as well as an earlier version of his bottom part. 

After downloading and printing please follow these instructions to make this project a success

This mod replaces the bottom part, both mouse buttons and the battery cover. Its possible to use a A675 button cell battery with this mod to shave off some extra weight. The A675 has 600mAh and the G305 uses 6mA leading to roughly 100h of playtime. 

Links to needed parts on ebay 

Battery holder                   JST 2.0 PH 2-Pin connector                                 A675 batteries                                         Recommended grip tape

I want to make this very clear: there are a lot of things to improve and Im not a professional. Just a guy who likes to mod mice. There is a good chance it might not work as you expect. That being said: I use this mouse as my main already and love it. As soon as a new version is available it will be posted here. All of the money will be used to improve this product.

Lastly: The story of the G305 ultralight

Legal: it is not allowed to use this design commercially or distribute this design somewhere else


  • 18.6.'19: Bottom shell updated to v10. Side buttons are now fully usable 
  • 19.6.'19: Bottom v11, LMB v3, RMB v2, Fused v8      
  • 28.6.'19: Bottom v13; Fused v12         
  • 16.7.'19: Bottom v13, LMB v11, RMB v10, Fused v9      
  • 21.7.'19: LMB v12, RMB v11      
  • 24.7.'19: LMB v13, RMB v12, Fused v11
  • 26.7.'19: LMB v14, RMB v13
  • 27.7.'19: LMB v15, RMB v14

By purchasing this product you agree to the following terms: All purchased files/models are exclusively reserved for private and personal use. You are not allowed to share/distribute the files in any way or use the files/models, or any derivates for commercial purposes. "Commercial Purposes" means selling the model or any derivative of the model for economic or financial gain. This means you cannot sell the digital model, a derivative or adaptation of that model, nor can you sell prints of the model or make trade of it, unless the designer has given you formally his approval. Summary - No Sharing. No Selling. No remixing to share/sell. No selling of the prints.

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RMB v16.stl
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LMB v17.stl
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G305 UL fused button v15.stl
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G305 UL bottom button v18.stl
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G305 Ultralight button instructions.pdf
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