Human Scale LEGO Stud Launcher


The iconic LEGO Stud Shooter upscaled and 3D printed to human scale.

The keychain shooter is printed at 250%

The human scale version is printed at 900%

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Conclusion: 3D printed PLA parts does not work as well as molded ABS parts due to friction and worse clutch force. Also for the big print the extra weight became an issue. The small prints did shoot reasonably well and do look nice on the keychain

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The PLA filament was provided to me by Fillamentum:

0,1mm layer height on the keychain version 0,2mm layer height on the human scale version Support

Disclaimer: The PLA Filament used on this project was sent to me for free from

The Tevo Flash 3D Printer featured in this video was sent to me for free from

No money exchanged hands

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