Prism: A Modular Backsplash System #CountertopChallenge

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Prism is a modular backsplash system. It is designed for a kitchen sink, or any sink for that matter. The idea is that anyone can create a custom "geometric" patterned backsplash display using the pieces we have designed. Print out any number of pieces in any color! We have used a few colors and our triangle pattern, with this you can connect other signature pieces such as a planter, utensil holder, and even towel hooks. The planter is a small deep dish in which you can easily plant any small spice plant or flower. For example, our picture features a mint plant, which we use for tea :) The utensil holder was designed keeping a wide range of tools in thought, we have it displayed with a wooden spoon and a set of tongs. The towel holders speak for themselves as adding a few of them will keep them dry and out of that dirty sink! What we have submitted so far are the basics for getting started on an even larger project which will have more sizes and more custom pieces! Included is also a rendering of ideas and brainstorming. We hope you like what we have so far!

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