Human Scale Working LEGO Space Blaster Toy

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LEGO Space Blaster upscaled and 3d printed to human scale with working electronics for light and sounds. I used Elenco K-10 Space War Gun Kit on this project. It is a simple and nice educational kit

'Making of..' video:

Gearbest sent me the Alfawise U20 3D Printer to be used in this project Affiliate links: Alfawise U20 3D Printer: Other 3D Printers MiniDSO ES212 Screwdriver:

The filament used in this video was sent to me by Fillamentum:

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Bill of materials: 1 Elenco K-10 Space War Gun Kit 1pcs 9V Battery Extra Wires Assorted M3 Hex Socket Cap Assorted M2 Hex Socket Cap Concrete Grey Fillamentum PLA Iceland Blue Fillamentum PLA

Not all parts are soldered directly to the circuit board on the kit but extended using the extra wires

I used 3D Gloop to glue the light brick together:

The light brick was printed on a Creality Ender 3

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