Pepper Pots Mark 49 helmet model for 3D-printing, DIY (may 16)

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Pepper Pots "Rescue" Mark 49 helmet model from Avengers: Endgame.

Set of STL files, ready for printing, clean of errors. My own model. Full suit in progress.

Made for wearing. Default size - 207mm from ear to ear, for typical adult head.

Do not share/resale, for private use only.

Design Files

File Size

Mark49 Rescue Top.stl
6.17 MB
Mark49 Rescue Triangle Right.stl
557 KB
Mark49 Rescue Faceplate.stl
9.04 MB
Mark49 Rescue Triangle Left.stl
554 KB
Mark49 Rescue Jaw.stl
3.36 MB
Mark49 Rescue Back.stl
2.37 MB
Mark49 Rescue Ear Left.stl
1.87 MB
Mark49 Rescue Ear Right.stl
1.87 MB


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