Iron Man Mark 50 Infinity War helmet


Iron Man Mark 50 helmet from Infinity War 3D-printable model v.4

Default size - 207mm width from ear to ear, good for typical head.

Optimized file sizes and mesh for faster slicing.

Comes in 2 variants - as separated to parts (faceplate, jaw, top, back) and as one solid piece for big printers.

Base parts have a joints to attach faceplate easily.

Can be cutted to print some parts without supports (tested).

Recommended settings:

• PLA or PET-G filaments

• For 0.4mm nozzle - 0.15mm layer height, for 0.3mm nozzle - 0.1mm layer height

• 2/3 wall perimeters

• Infill 25-30%

• 60-100mm/sec speed for CoreXY/H-Bot printers, 40-60mm/sec speed for Prusa type machines

Design Files

File Size
23.9 MB
9.97 MB
2.46 MB
4.82 MB
6.26 MB


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