Mass Effect Andromeda cosplay helmet 3D-printable

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Mass Effect Andromeda 3D-printable model v.2. Wearable, default size fits typical head. Test print pictures available.

Optimized file sizes and mesh for faster slicing.

Separated to parts for easy printing. Parts have joints to combine parts together.

Recommended settings: • PLA or PET-G filaments • Infill 20-30% • For 0.4mm nozzle - 0.15mm layer height • For 0.3mm nozzle - 0.1mm layer height • 2/3 wall perimeters • 60-100mm/sec speed for CoreXY/H-Bot printers • 40-60mm/sec speed for Prusa type machines

Can be cutted to print some parts without supports (tested).

Design Files

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