X Wing Wall Mounted Storage Display


These storage boxes hold pilot cards, ship bases, and maneuver dials for a ship, with the ship itself attached on display on the outside. Two small ships can be mounted per box.

Printed flat to provide a smooth surface finish on all sides, I then weld the ABS edges together with acetone.

An 8x3/4 wood screw mounts it on the wall via the slots on the back. Simply lift the box to slide it on and off.

I modified each lid with the ship's name to keep everything organized when moving several boxes without ships attached. I don't have a complete fleet with every ship however, so I haven't included multiple lids. You can easily customize your lids in 3D Builder.

Design Files

File Size

storage box folding large.stl
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storage box folding medium.stl
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storage box folding.stl
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