Dice Tower and Storage

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Dice games are fun, but having them fly across the table and knock over other pieces is not. Finally a solution. 

A dice tower offers a confined space to roll as many dice as needed, while collecting them all together for counting.  This design doubles as a storage space for dice not in use, with detachable drawers that pop out of the walls. 

Modeled with each floor as a separate piece, the tower can be printed with no supports and minimal infill. The structures align at clear points to be easily assembled with your solvent or glue of choice. 

The walls fit snugly behind a lip along the rim. Insert and then push gently down to snap them into place. Some sanding may be required to ensure a smooth fit. The tower is approximately 5.3 inches in diameter The roof is approximately 6.9 inches in diameter The entryway including collection area is approximately 7.5 inches at its longest dimension. 


-I've added an alternate roof which slopes inward to funnel dice into the tower 

-I've added an alternate first floor to allow the drawbridge to fold up.  Attaching a bent paperclip will allow you to secure the drawbridge gate to the bars on the second floor. 

-I've downscaled both variants of the roof to eliminate the overhang from the rest of the tower. This and the rising drawbridge should accommodate a 6inch build plate. 

My thanks to r/boardgames for these suggestions. Disclaimer: I have not tested these alternates myself.

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1st Gate.stl
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4th Floor.stl
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3rd Floor.stl
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1st Floor Drawer.stl
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1st Floor.stl
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2nd Floor.stl
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3rd Floor Drawer.stl
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2nd Floor Drawer.stl
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4th Floor Funnel.stl
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4th Floor Funnel Small.stl
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1st Floor With Drawbridge.stl
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1st Floor Drawbridge.stl
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4th Floor Small.stl
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