Rubik's Weighted Companion Cube

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A working Rubiks Weighted Companion Cube. It uses 6 screws to attach the center pieces to the core, allowing you to adjust the tension for how loosely the pieces move. Assembles the same as any other cube, but I find it easiest to build bottom to top adding screws with each layer.

Once everything is tightened the middle hearts are glued in place to conceal the screws. An optional Aperture Science logo is included for the manufacturer marking typically placed on the white face. The center, faces, and corner print without support, but the edge and core will not. Cube 3 faces.stl is only included to preview the assembled cube.

Video of a test cube

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Face Aperture.stl
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Face Heart.stl
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Cube 3 faces.stl
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Edge no support.stl
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Edge with support.stl
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