Protein/Food Scoop & Funnel Combo (2 sizes)

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Personally use this as a protein powder scoop and funnel for my drinks/shakes.

The handle was modeled to be longer due to the issue of many cylindrical containers having small scoops that prevent getting to the bottom of the container as easily. The handle can then feed through the center of the scoop and key-chained onto a bag. The solution was this model! :) Enjoy!

Note - PLA while considered (GRAS), is still recommended to be coated in a food safe epoxy before use to be safe.

Examples can be found here:

Print Details:

Printer: CR-10 Mini

Supports: No

Resolution: 0.2

Infill: 25%

Filament: IC3D/Dikale/StrongHero3d PLA


Pretty easy print, orient the print so they print flat on the bed, no supports needed for either.

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