Apple Pencil stylus mount for Ipad/Ipad Pro

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Apple Pencil holder that slides onto the Ipad, allowing the pencil to snap in and just be positioned wherever is convenient.

After using Shapr3d a bit I needed somewhere to put the pencil, this was my solution. Modeled in Shapr3d with the apple pencil. Quick and easy print, <6 mins usually.   Enjoy and comment if you'd like more tablet/stylus related models

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Printer: Ender 3 Supports: No Resolution: 0.2 Infill:100 Filament: IC3D/Dikale/Stronghero3d PLA - Gold/Black


Pretty quick print, no supports needed. Pencil holds pretty snug so you could just leave it attached while working if you'd prefer as well since it shouldn't slide.

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