IOS/Android Tablet & Phone Simple Wall Mount (Ipad/Samsung etc)

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A model I made for various tablets and phone devices to the wall for charging or use for easy touch screen access.

I personally use a pair for an Ipad Pro and a Samsung S3 tablet. The slide is about 9.5mm across so you can figure if you have a device with a cover, as long as it's thickness is less than that, it should still be able to fit. Since without any covers the devices still have some room.

I usually feed the charging cord through one of the slots when not in use.

Print Details:

Print with model on the side with opening facing up, no supports needed.

Supports: No

Resolution: 0.2-0.3

Infill: 25%+

Filament: Dikale PLA Black Notes:

Print a pair and adjust on the wall accordingly. Hole for screw is just under 4mm diameter depending on your print layer accuracy.

Opening/slot where tablets and devices slide into is approx: 9.5mm.Total overall model length is just about 75mm.

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