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Here you will find some useful parts for your AE B6.1

NOTE: Reference STL's may print but might not be an exact fit. Printables have been printed and verified to be and exact fit. Reference photos can be used in Fusion 360 with the "Calibrate" function to help lineup holes for designs.

Reference STL's - F/R Shock Towers 

Reference Photo's - F/R Shock Tower, Chassis Tub 

Printables - F/R Tower Guard, Removable Electronics Tray (about 6g dependent on filament and print settings), Rear Body Support, Low Front Wing Mount, Front Transponder Mount(Front Bulkhead Brace), Battery Tie Down Mounts

Design Files

File Size

Bat Bracket Left.stl
173 KB
Bat Bracket Right.stl
137 KB
Transponder Mount.stl
139 KB
Low Wing Retainer 3x6mm button.stl
121 KB
Low Front Wing Mount.stl
195 KB
FTL Rear Body Support.stl
880 KB
Rear Tower.stl
169 KB
Rear Tower Guard.stl
295 KB
Front Tower.stl
178 KB
Front Tower Guard.stl
382 KB
Electronics Plate.stl
281 KB


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