G-Made GS-01 (4 Link) - Chassis Mounted Servo w/Pan

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This is a Chassis Mounted Servo (CMS) option for your G-Made GS-01 - 4 Link Chassis. This specific design is confirmed to work with the Komodo (Stock) and Sawback (When Converted to 4 Link).

Hardware Needed: 2 - 3x14mm, 1 - 3x18mm, 1 - 3x6mm (The rest of the hardware is reused from the kit.

The drag link and push rod will be mounted on top of the steering arms. The push rod must be mounted on the drivers (US) side of the axle. Mount the servo brackets with the body mount post screws. Attach the drivers (US) side of the servo ears first. The Pan Mount will go in front of the servo ears and the servo mount behind the ears. You will need to remove to upper link from the drivers (US) side of the chassis. This link will become your pan link. It is recommend you replace your servo push rod (bend it flat)  with a flat rod or on with an step bend in it.

This will not work with the winch mount because it interferes with the servo arm. I am working on a modified winch mount that will fix this problem.

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Axle PanH.stl
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Chassis Pan Hard.stl
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Dri S Bracket.stl
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Pas S Bracket.stl
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