CreatorBot 3D Modified 8mm Y-Axis Rod Hangers

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UPDATE 24APR2015 - Modified Mounting Holes to frame, beefed up mount for steppers (requires 6x 3x10mm hardware now), Idler bearing screw threads into housing, Top of Y stop has an added hole for at 3x 24mm screw to brace the end stop, modified the slot to fit better on the front of the machin without trimming. UPDATE: Tweaked the mounting Guide Size on all 4 corners. Should fit better now without any sanding. Modified Y-Axis 8mm rod hangers. Both Hangers now mount on the side rail instead of one on the back and one on the side. Rear Hanger/Motor mount stiffened. Front mount added 3mm hold to screw in the end stop bump to prevent damage over time. Gap for clamping the rod reduced to prevent overtightening. This is a modified version of the 3D Printer Works - Creator Bot 3D Printer 8mm Y-Axis Hanger. F3D File (Inventor Fusion) Found in the Mac Store (Free D-Load)

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