Super uppgrades for Creatr and Creatr XLprinters

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Summary Uppdate 24-11-2015 ( I have uppdated the bearing blocks. The top rail is not nesseseary, the machine works perfectly, but beacause of the orifginal Creatr design the motor shafts keep failing due to metal fatigue. The new blocks have reinforsments where needed and its made so you can remove the 2 nutts on the y axis bearing and move the motor sprocket inn in the axsle so the motor shaft wont fail. this new design has run for over 800 hours without insident. The bearing holes are also enlarged adn are now oversized, you get better bearing function this way just epoxy the slide bearings in place.) I knew i would get totally fed up with my Creatr's shortcomings soner or later so i have made a bunch of parts with the goal in mind to fix it permanently. The power chain is in the way, the exstruder carriage is wobbly and very veak. Here is a video illustrating the problem. It actually warps the exstruder carriage in spite of me having stiffened it up with a 12 mm top rail. So i am doing some major changes. Im fixing the x axis, the y axis the exstruders and the cable chain. It works perfectly, the accurasy is superb and since i have new igus slide bearings on my X axis its tigt as hell 0 drift and no vibrations at all. Now my printer makes perfect parts every time, and i can use the entire build volume. Each of the improvements are available in stand alone versions. This is the combination version with slightly different parts. Do not try to do this unless you have the patience and know what you are doing PS: you dont actually need the top rail anymore, its stiff as hell and works wonderfull without it. Instructions Instruktions will be posted on as i develope the solution

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