Firefly / Serenity coaster holder set with 5 coasters


I created this coaster set with holder as a Christmas gift for a friend who is a fan of the Firefly TV show and Serenity movie.  The coasters can be printed with no raft and no supports.  The coaster holder needs supports for the letters on the front.  I have another version where the Serenity logo is negative space, but removing the supports from that version is very difficult.

Design Files

File Size

serenity coaster 4 (Firefly).stl
81.5 KB
serenity coaster 1 (Serenity).stl
192 KB
serenity coaster 3 (River).stl
299 KB
serenity coaster 5 (Browncoat).stl
261 KB
Serenity coaster holder (old design).stl
134 KB
serenity coaster 2 (ship).stl
155 KB
Serenity coaster holder.stl
153 KB


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