Hose Sprayer / Shower Head + wand bend cover

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This shower head / hose sprayer  is designed to fit onto a standard garden hose.  It will print with no supports, but is best to use a raft.  ABS filament is recommended so that the threads don't wear down over time.  The volume of the sprayer head is ideal for water pressure.  The distribution of the spray is quite nice.  I water plants as a side-job and created this because the metal hose sprayers would frequently break after falling on the ground. 

Also included in this design is a cover for the bend in the cheap wands that are sold by stores like Lowes and Home Depot (like  https://www.lowes.com/pd/Yards... ).  This helps protect the bend in the wand when it is dropped on the ground.  Without it, the bend gets really banged up and eventually breaks.  It attaches with two ZipTies.  It should be printed with a raft and supports.  The only supports generated by my slicer (UP Studio) are in the holes for the ZipTies, which are easily removed with a small flathead screwdriver.

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