Redcat Gen8 High Clearance Skid



Due to some inconsistencies with the mounting holes in the frame rails, there were some fitment issues with the original design.  I have since revised the file to address this issue.

High clearance skidplate for the Redcat Gen 8.  This allows for a perfectly smooth underside.  Bottom of skidplate sits nearly flush with the bottom of the frame rails.  All existing hardware is reused, BUT you must use one of the battery relocation trays available from Redcat's Thingiverse store or the one I designed (as pictured), as this design raises the transfer case up to allow for the smooth bottom.   You MAY be able to use the factory battery tray by cutting a section in it to allow clearance for the transfer case, but I have not tried this.

Print Parameters

  • Layer Height: 0.3mm
  • Perimeter Walls: 3
  • Number of Top and Bottom Layers: 3
  • Infill: 35% Rectilinear

Battery Relocation Options

Redcat Gen8 Rear Shorty Battery Conversion

Redcat Gen 8 Sideways Battery Conversion

Redcat Gen8 Low CG Transverse Mounted Shorty Battery Tray

Design Files

File Size

High Clearance Skid - FINAL with 4mm holes.stl
2.11 MB


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