1.9" 15-spoke "Turbine" Beadlock wheel


Scale 1.9" 15-spoke "Turbine" style wheel.  Has 12mm hex with 5mm shaft opening.  This is a true 3-piece beadlock wheel.  Back ring is secured to wheel face using 8 -M2.5x12mm screws.  Outer beadlock ring is designed to fit an array of tire brand beads.

Support is required on this print for the wheel face ("15-spoke Wheel Complete")  Outside Ring and Beadlock Ring do not require support.  Wheels shown were printed at 0.2mm resolution with 100% infill.

Design Files

File Size

Beadlock Ring.stl
707 KB
Outside Ring.stl
809 KB
15-spoke Wheel Complete.stl
8 MB


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