M1 Abrams Tank Model Kit - 25 body parts

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M1 Abrams Tank Detailed Model Kit

Model Scale 1/50.

This is detailed version of the M1 Abrams Tank Model Kit, which has been introduced previously by FORMBYTE.

The model kit includes 25 detailed body parts, which are assembled step by step following instruction photos.

(No glue needed, all parts are connected by articulation)

Recommended settings (high quality): Layer height: 0.1 mm

Infill: 100 %

Design Files

File Size

part 08.STL
12.4 KB
part 12.STL
27.1 KB
part 15.STL
78.6 KB
part 18.STL
48.9 KB
part 24.STL
360 KB
part 21.STL
360 KB
part 05.STL
58.3 KB
part 02.STL
37.2 KB
part 25.STL
402 KB
part 01.STL
37.6 KB
part 03.STL
75.5 KB
part 04.STL
26.2 KB
part 06.STL
34.7 KB
part 07.STL
60.2 KB
part 09.STL
55.4 KB
part 10.STL
24.8 KB
part 11.STL
19 KB
part 13.STL
27.1 KB
part 14.STL
119 KB
part 16.STL
151 KB
part 17.STL
33.8 KB
part 19.STL
39.8 KB
part 20.STL
418 KB
part 22.STL
402 KB
part 23.STL
418 KB


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