3D Printer Miniature Christmas Ornament - Finder-like

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Imagine a 3D printer on your Christmas tree? Wait what? Of course that’s the best way to spread the joy of 3D printing. The model is created not to scale, attempted to resemble (not quite, but close enough) the build of FlashForge Finder, which is one of my favourite printer of all time. No support or glue required, make it more festive by painting the model with bright colours.

Print setting summary:

Print 8 x pins and 1 x rest of the files. No support material required. The print orientation is already optimised for both printing and strength, unless your z-axis is not facing upward. Infill percentage of less than 30% is recommended; otherwise it might be too heavy to be hanged from the Christmas tree.

As a Christmas tree decoration, you’ll want to print the top cover with a loop cut, as for a desk model, print the top cover without the loop cut.


  • (22/12/2018) Improves the visualisation of the top frame and increased flexibility of the pins.

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