1Tenth Scale Pegboard Workbench

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This is the perfect piece to finish off that diorama or tiny garage.  With a pegboard and holes for lighting this workbench has some detail!  There's also small channels in the back to help hide wires.

The pegboard holes are sized for 1.2mm paper clips and the lighting holes in the top are 3mm.  Youll need 3xm3 screws and some glue to bond the two pieces together.    The screws are mainly for pisitioning and dont have a whole lot of plastic to grab.  Screws and glue together make it a solid joint.

Main pic is shown with Just Plug Light System instinstalled.

Print at .1 with whatever infill you prefer and use supports for the legs.  I printed the bench with it laying on it's back with 2 legs in the air.  For the pegboard print it laying down on it's back too.  You could theoretically join the two models together for one single piece...

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