1Tenth Scale Redcat Gen 8 OEM International Style Bumper

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This design was done to give an option that will mimick the factory "bumper" on a real International Scout.  The light cutouts on the side have a 5mm hole for LEDs.  The center cutouts don't go all the way through to ensure the bumper/frame inserts still have plenty of material to support them.  This is slightly wider than the bumper Redcat sends on the truck, to try and match the factory body lines...

Additional refined bumper and lense added to package now too!  Lense is a .12mm gap around the edge so you might need to do some sanding to get it to fit.  There's a 1mm lip for some glue to hold the lense in as well as the tension fit.

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Gen8 OE Style Bumper.stl
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Gen8 OE Style Bumper Lense.stl
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Gen8 OE Style bumper.stl
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