CUBETRIX IDEX ( DIY Sigma BCN3D Style 3D printer )


As you well know Sigma/Sigmax BCN3D are one of the best 3d printers with IDEX system (dual independent x axis) and since they came on the market I always wanted to have one. Knowing the price I decided to build one that had the same characteristics or even improve some features. I have named this CUBETRIX IDEX printer.

Current printer characteristics:

The innovative Independent Double Extruder (IDEX) system allows two different materials or colors to be printed. The idle head remains inactive, thus preventing the dripping of molten plastic on the piece being printed.

Simple mode:

Print with a single head either on the right or on the left

Duplication mode:

Print the same model with both heads simultaneously, doubling the productive capacity.

Mirror mode:

Prints the model and its symmetric part at the same time, increasing the speed of iteration and reducing design times.

Mode 2 colors/filaments:

Print alternating 2 colors or using a head to build the piece and the other head to create the supports with soluble filament or just usual filament.

Printing options:

Usb connection, wifi connection (acquiring wifi module), from a usb pendrive, from a SD card.

Touchscreen LCD (3.5 inches): print your projects with the touch of your finger or simply configure your printer from the LCD.

BondTech redesigned body system extruders ( right and left extruder ).

Bowden extrusion system with E3D hotend  ( CR10 model )

MGN12H Linear rails on all axis.

Printing area: single mode 330x330x250mm, mirror/duplication or 2 colors mode 160x330x250mm

Bltouch autolevel system

Heated bed : aluminum heated bed or silicone heating pad (your choise)

OPEN SOURCE (Marlin firmware and lcd firmware):

As you already know from other projects of mine, I'm feeding from the OPEN SOURCE movement like a lot of people and, in exchange, I offer my projects for free, so that this OPEN SOURCE movement can continue to exist and advance making people more creative.

Simplify3D profiles:

I have provided Simplify3D profiles for this printer so that you do not waste time in setting up the printer and in that way you have all the pieces of this puzzle.

BOM list : Dropbox share link

Video tutorials build log : Youtube 

Time Lapse Printing : Youtube

Design Files

File Size

CUBETRIX IDEX connections.jpg
123 KB
2.2 KB
Z motor suport.stl
666 KB
E3d X1 mount piece.stl
241 KB
E3d X1 carriage.stl
764 KB
E3d Ventilation cover X2.stl
951 KB
Bed cariage.stl
3.52 MB
Bed support leveler.stl
55 KB
Belt roller.stl
165 KB
bltouch mount.stl
98.2 KB
BondTech Lever A.stl
577 KB
BondTech Lever B.stl
577 KB
BondTech main body 1A.stl
1.21 MB
BondTech main body 1B.stl
1.21 MB
BondTech main body 2A.stl
416 KB
BondTech main body 2B.stl
416 KB
Cable and PTFE tube clip.stl
676 KB
Cable management for E3d.stl
245 KB
Cable management for endstops-motors.stl
42.1 KB
E3d Ventilation cover X1.stl
949 KB
E3d X1X2 carriage cover.stl
381 KB
E3d X2 carriage.stl
777 KB
E3d X2 Mount Piece.stl
241 KB
End stop piece Y axis.stl
42.7 KB
Left X belt tensioner.stl
237 KB
Mks lcd case.stl
270 KB
Mks lcd cover.stl
689 KB
Psu support noch.stl
229 KB
PTFE tube structure clip.stl
592 KB
PTFE tube support.stl
84.2 KB
Right X belt roller.stl
165 KB
Right X belt tensioner.stl
237 KB
spool roller A.stl
457 KB
spool roller B.stl
244 KB
Thred axe for spool roller.stl
23.9 KB
X1 blower duct.stl
159 KB
X1 filament debris box.stl
1.09 MB
1.56 MB
X1X2 belt clamp.stl
28.3 KB
X2 blower duct.stl
83.4 KB
X2 filament debris box.stl
935 KB
1.66 MB
Y axis motor support.stl
1.59 MB


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