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Update 2018-11-12: Having made two of these now (one for me and one for a friend), I realized that I don't need ballast to weight down the stand so I design a solid base in one part. 

Update 2018-11-09: Fixed tread in the Base and Base Lid. Added small groves to Base to lock it in place to help screwing and unscrewing the Base Lid. Fixed orrientation of the Base Lid and Platform when importing into slicer.

Got inspired to start painting some of my prints by @3dmakernoob painting videos. Decide to make myself a paining stand like the one Joe is using. Design in Fusion 360. This is a first attempt. Overbuilt but will do the job nicely for now. May modify the design in the future after I've used it for while. Requires 2 608 bearings and 1 M8X80 bolt with nut to put together. The base is hollow with a screw on bottom so ballast can be added to weight down the stand for stability but I don't think its going to be required. Printed in ColorFabb PLA Economy Silver. This is a new filament for me and setting where not quite right but came out nice. Now just need to get myself some Plasti Dip to coat the top platter and it will be ready to go.

I have included 2 different stem files. One is a simple stem and the other has a ribbed base. When I was first designing the stand my intention was to have my hand rest on the base and rotate using the stem. But after re-watching  a @3dmakernoob video I notice he was rotating the stand by the base. So I modified the stem to have a base.

For the base lib, the tread did not come out prefect but works. I used that same type and setting as in my barrel bank design but did not get the same result. My change in the future.

The lid also has 6 20mm square recess to install silicone pad for stability.

The bearings maybe a thigh fit. Use the M8 bolt and nut to press them imposition before assembling the base with the stem and platter.  

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