Cannabis/ Pot leaf lighter case

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This is a cannabis leaf relief print lighter case made for a Bic lighter.

Due to a flaw, this case is being sold cheap.  I had to run this file through Meshmixer to make it manifold and printable.  I could not get the program to stop putting the small dip near the rim of the case without making it into an absolutely HUGE file.  Photo and rendering image show this flaw.

The example print was done in .1mm layers with a 0.6mm nozzle at 50mm/sec.  A smaller nozzle might do better detail, but probably not by much.   Printed in PLA with cooling and no supports.  Quickly painted to show contrast.

This print is made for only minimal internal clean-up.  Irregularities on the inside surface will help hold the lighter in place.   If you prefer to  smooth out the inside, I recommend printing at 0.99 scale for a size-on-size fit.

All purchases of this design will help to inspire interest in future designs.

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LighterCase Potleaf mm.stl
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